Dream Team

I am onto my fourth week of classes now and so far I have enjoyed every second of being here. The first week of orientation was back to back with a series of information sessions being held for us -new emerging leaders. I must say the environment was very welcoming and accommodating. The Graduate Student […]

Don’t Drive Angry: 5 Tips for Commuters from a Commuter

As a BMBA student who lives an hour away from campus, I have struggled to make my morning commute as efficient and stress-free as possible. Below you will find some tips for the daily drive, as well as some others that I’d like to share based on my own experiences commuting to and from lovely […]

Cast A Critical Eye: Discussing the Open Source Movement

Critical thinking skills are what every university should teach. Being out of school for a length of time may dull these skills. Their important thing is to keep them sharp and ready for use, because if something seems to good to be true, it very well may be. Recently in our Sustaining Innovation module, we […]

The Bentley MBA Experience

Welcome! I am very honored to be one of the voices chosen to represent this diverse group of extremely talented individuals. Let me start of by telling you a little more about myself. I am a physician and public health professional who has lived and worked in Russia, India and the United States. When I […]

We are Bentley’s Emerging Leaders!

Nicole Black, Michael Corbett and Lucy Amello were the first three smiling faces that greeted me at Bentley. I was walking into a room at the LaCava Center, where the students who had enrolled into the Emerging Leaders MBA were supposed to gather and I was the first one there. I awkwardly put my name tag […]

Why Bentley?

They say that, in today’s competitive world, mastering one’s discipline just isn’t enough anymore. A combination of two complimentary but still distinct specializations may give you that extra bump up above the rest. A photographer who just knows his craft and Photoshop may coast relatively well, but he’s still likely to lose gigs when up against […]

ELMBA @ Bentley

When I told my new friends from ELMBA  class that I was from Nepal their immediate reaction was, “So you are from the land of the great Himalayas?” This comment always brings a big smile to my face. I am Bishakha Shrestha, and I come from the small capital city Kathmandu of Nepal. I am […]

A Fresh Start

Some who know me may call me strong-willed. Experience has taught me that this is just a nice way of saying “stubborn.” I prefer to call it perseverance. Prior to joining the Bentley MBA program, I spent five years as a civil litigator, commonly referred to as a trial attorney. And while I found the […]

Life After an MBA: Free Time

I am officially a Double Falcon, finishing up my graduate degree after a summer class ended in July. Though I don’t get my diploma until October, not having to attend class any more has been great. Life after an MBA has only just begun, but I’ve already busied myself with all the things I couldn’t […]


As the summer comes to an end, I would like to share my advice on the challenging task of landing an internship or a permanent position. This could be a first job, or for others (like me), an opportunity to explore different areas of interest and gain new skills. Let’s take a look at my […]