Fears and Friends

I was worried about two things when I said yes to grad school; the first was that I did not know if I would be able to manage the academic work load and the second was that I would have to live with strangers i.e. have roommates, and as a spoiled only child, these two […]


The Bentley GSA Gala was one exciting night filled with great fun, good friends and elegantly dressed people who danced the night away after a sumptuous 4-course dinner. This year, GSA decided to go for a nautical theme for their magical night and I was involved with setting up the event as I am a […]

“Good night Austin, Texas, wherever you are!”

The title of this post references what Frank Zappa tells the crowd after the song “Muffin Man” from his 1975 concert in Austin as documented on the album Bongo Fury. Given Austin’s rich history of music and artistic culture, not to mention the city’s ethos of “Keep Austin Weird,” it’s only fitting that such a […]

Attennntion! Economic Boot Camp

Drop and give me 20! Not quite, but still intense. These past two weeks have seen our BMBA class undergo some serious training in statistics, managerial accounting, financial statements, supply chain management, and several other economics-based topics. You know, the kind of stuff you figure you’d learn about in an MBA program. It’s all in […]

GWLO: What to wear for THE day

The Graduate Women’s Leadership Organization (GWLO) held its first event for this semester on October 2. The event was titled “What to wear for THE day” and it was targeted toward the young graduate women at Bentley. The speaker of the event was Arti Anand, co-founder of the clothing brand NUMARI. Numari is a budding […]

Winterizing Herbie

With fall in full swing now, the reds, golds, yellows, and other autumn colors are on vivid display, regaling us with the quintessential northeast experience. However, most of us have forgotten that winter approaches with a vengeance in these parts, and for the uninitiated/tropically inclined, winters here can be a brutal wake-up call. Driving in […]

Life After an MBA: Traveling

Another amazing thing about life after an MBA is my ability to travel! I started my MBA in 2012, three years into my career. One of the amazing perks that Vistaprint offers is a one-month sabbatical after five years of service. That meant I had two years to finish my MBA so I could celebrate with a […]

Of Chocolates and Mittlestand

What better way to learn business if not with chocolates! Professor Lind Edelman, a big believer of M&M Math* took on the job of teaching us BMBAers about business models. Ergo, a field trip to Taza Chocolate factory. On the hour-long tour, complete with hairnets, we were guided through every step of the chocolate-making process, all of which is […]

Celebrate Cognitive Diversity

Did you know that in Denmark everybody speaks English? Or that in 2008 Bhutan made the transition from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy, and had its first ever general elections? Me neither. I’m from central New Hampshire. What do I know? What can I possibly offer to such a diverse student body like […]

Like eight hours of TED Talks every day

Coming from a rigid and prohibitive Asian educational system, the open door policy of Western educational systems comes as a breath of fresh of air to me. Not only is it satisfying to be able to dig as deep as you want with your professors on certain on topics, but it’s almost liberating to be […]