It’s already August?

What a busy Summer it has been! I received a new position in my company, I completed a 6 week course, and my sister got married! I can’t believe Summer has flown by (I feel like I say this every year). First, I received a new position at Raytheon in early June. I am now […]

5 Years Strong

I have the amazing experience of what’s known around Bentley as the Double Falcon (though not yet official). I loved Bentley enough the first time around to come back for more, and I was reminded of why I love it so much a few weekends ago. Reunion Weekend. It was as much fun as I […]

Avoid the “enemies of trust”

Hello everyone, Today, I will be sharing with you some interesting concepts that I learned last Spring, when I took a class called Leading Responsibly (GR603) with Professor Starner. I believe this is one of those courses you will remember and appreciate whenever you have people under your supervision. Throughout the semester, I learned more about emotional […]

Mission Completed: Graduation of the Bentley MBA2014!

The time of happiness and satisfaction is just right here: the commencement ceremony. I feel very excited and optimistic. After 11 months of productive and intensive work, I’ve successfully finished with an MBA degree with distinction! I’m grateful to all our professors who went through this great educational experience with us. I’m thankful to my […]

MBA Students: Not Making the Grade?

I recently came across an article in Inc. about a study done by Hult International Business School. The study focused on the criticisms C-suite execs have for MBAs, and in particular, notes that students are ill-prepared for the workplace. The research focused on three key points as part of the problem; they’re noted below, along […]

Creating Force Multipliers

Since our trip to France, the Bentley MBA cohort has been focused on course work in the Leadership theme. The Leadership theme features four classes: “Thinking about Thinking,” (which was actually featured in the Wall Street Journal)”Leadership Fundamentals,” “Leadership Ethics,” and “Global Strategy.” Class work and research has been dedicated to understanding leadership styles, understanding […]

Business success through art

Do you think that MBA studies are only about crunching numbers? It may be true; however, my MBA experience was slightly different. One of my classes, Thinking about Thinking, was such an intriguing and exciting part of the program so that I would hardly believe that it can be in an MBA program. The majority […]

What should I buy from Skymall?

This spring I am taking one of the foundation courses, GR523 Marketing. Professor Roberts has, in each class, driven home the importance of knowing your target market. So on a recent flight, when I picked up the Skymall magazine, I wondered for what kind of products fit me as a target customer. There were many interesting […]

Relationships: What’s In It For Me?

Building relationships is something I love doing. Effectively working and collaborating with others is something that continually ranks as a strength area for me in both performance reviews at work and various interpersonal evaluations I’ve done. I think working in a team is the best way to get work accomplished because it allows you to […]