Turning Things Around

They say necessity is the mother of all creativity and things couldn’t be truer in Greece. For a country that has been in economic and political turmoil for the past 6 years, I expected a lot more complaints, wailing and tales of miserable woes of how life as changed has changed for them in the […]

CSR in France

My France visit this year was a part of the ELMBA course (GBE 790). We were looking forward to this trip with great enthusiasm. We started our background work on France at least a month before our trip. We were a group of 60 students including second and first year students. We were divided into […]

It’s not you. It’s me.

“Dear Vistaprint, It’s not you.  It’s me.” I ended 2014 by handing in my letter of resignation. After 5.5 years, it was time for me to say goodbye. Yes, to a job I loved, at a company that is awesome, with coworkers who became friends. One thing I wasn’t expecting to learn while getting my MBA […]

Elevator Action

Opa! The BMBA class finally made it to Greece for our second field-based experience, and we are already in the thick of discussions about Greece’s economic crisis and how the country is working its way back toward economic prosperity. We first spoke with Enterprise Greece, an agency of the Greek government specializing in attracting investment […]

To happy endings and new beginnings!

I can’t believe how quickly four months went by. In September, I was a freshly enrolled grad student. In October, I was trying to balance a mountain of assignments, the coming midterms and a burgeoning social life. In November, I was recuperating after midterms and looking forward to my first Thanksgiving in America. And, by December,  I […]

Become a networking guru

Are you in the market for a job? Networking will make you more likely to land a job or interview through that referral, and also give you an important inside look at company culture, allowing you to determine if you’ll thrive in the organization. So here are a few tips for this networking season: 1. […]

Got Team Project?

Hello Everyone, One of the things that seems to be omnipresent during most of our MBA program here at Bentley are group projects. Increasingly, these assignments will show you how to deal with different types of people who have different personalities, skill sets and backgrounds. You may find yourself working with less experienced folks as […]

When projects turn into proposals

Everyone loves a classroom concept applied in the real world. At Bentley, we strive to do so in more ways than one. During the innovation module, we were asked to come up with an innovation project for the term. The project I turned in worked around the idea of attaching a hidden camera to a […]

Beyond Clichés: Using Stakeholder Management to Capture Value*

What do you value? Whom do you value? How do you define it, capture it,* and maximize it*? These are questions we have explored throughout the entire Value theme, and while we haven’t come up with that elusive one right answer, we now better understand how managers must conceptualize value in order to do best for the firm […]

“The Two Commonest Mistakes New Managers Make”

Today I came across an article on Forbes.com by contributor Victor Lipman called “The Two Commonest Mistakes New Managers Make.” This article’s title struck me first because, as my career advances, management is on the horizon for me for the first time. I read through the article and found myself nodding in agreement with the […]