Beyond Clichés: Using Stakeholder Management to Capture Value*

What do you value? Whom do you value? How do you define it, capture it,* and maximize it*? These are questions we have explored throughout the entire Value theme, and while we haven’t come up with that elusive one right answer, we now better understand how managers must conceptualize value in order to do best for the firm […]

“The Two Commonest Mistakes New Managers Make”

Today I came across an article on by contributor Victor Lipman called “The Two Commonest Mistakes New Managers Make.” This article’s title struck me first because, as my career advances, management is on the horizon for me for the first time. I read through the article and found myself nodding in agreement with the […]

Open Offices: Yay or Nay?

I stumbled upon an article in Forbes about open office concepts. If you work like me, you cannot bear to hear the person in the cube next to you talking loudly on the phone, or munching on their snacks throughout the day. I am a no-noise worker — it needs to be completely silent for […]

Peacock in the world of Penguins #2020WOB

Bentley University recently hosted the third annual National Conversation on Board Diversity, an all-star panel consisting of Betsy Myers, the founding director of Bentley University’s Center for Women and Business (Panel Moderator); Mike Bonney, CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals and a diversity leader in biotech; Patricia Flynn, member of Columbia Funds Board of Directors, trustee professor […]

All about giving thanks

November 27 was my first Thanksgiving in the United States, and I am really glad I was able to spend it the American way. My friend Lauren was so generous to invite me over with her family to the thanks giving lunch. Thanksgiving is really a time when families get together, take time out of […]

So much to eat and do . . . so little time!

Bollywood Dance Night If there’s one thing Indians love more than good food, it’s a reason to celebrate, and Indian Graduate Students Organization’s Bollywood Dance Night catered to both those loves. With Diwali (a festival celebrated in India with great pomp and fervor) on the minds of several Indians who now found themselves far from […]

Who doesn’t get nervous during an interview?

I am one of those nervous types of people, so really anything makes me nervous. But interviews — it’s like I need a sedative. I once had an interview where I was so nervous that I completely blanked on my current company name. Way to go, Amanda! I can understand why I didn’t get the […]

Greek Debt

With the BMBA class preparing for its second field-based experience to Athens, I recently ran across an article on, of all places, called “7 Ways My Modern Country Turned Into a Dystopia Overnight.” Written by Greek journalist Dimitra Nikolaidou, it was published a few days after our class spent a session talking about how and why Greece’s economy […]