Winter wonderland?

It’s been a while since we last met. I blame the record-breaking snow fall for the laze that I’ve settled into. I actually saw a weather report today that mentioned that we might actually be done with winter. Yeah! Don’t people usually talk about the weather when they have nothing to say? Well I figured I’d […]

Culture Matters: Taking a 360-Degree View

Everything ties together. That’s what I have been learning during the Environments theme these cold and snowy past few weeks. What sounds like a bit of fortune-cookie doggerel is actually something quite powerful to keep in mind when going into business in another industry, another state, or another country. One aspect of surveying a business […]

Snow Searching: A weather-induced job hunt

Juno, Marcus, Linus …and now, winter storm Neptune. With the white stuff coming down and keeping me in, I found myself with the day off and all informational interviews rescheduled due to travel bans. Not wanting to re-emerge into the winter wonderland out there without anything to show in the job hunt department, I decided […]

Know Your Environment

And so our group, with bleary eyes and bellies full of tzatziki, returned from the mild weather of Greece back to Waltham just in time for Winter Storm Juno and its attendant school cancellations. These days off did nothing to slow the pace of the BMBA program. To the contrary, our cohort has jumped back into […]

Birds, Bees and Greek Hospitality

The BMBA studio was in Greece last week! We had the good fortune to visit during the Halcyon days and enjoyed a good two weeks of warm weather. The Greeks celebrate these seven days before and after the winter solstice in honor of the goddess Halcyon who was transformed into a bird and given these two weeks […]

Turning Things Around in Greece

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and things couldn’t be truer in Greece. For a country that has been in economic and political turmoil for the past six years, I expected a lot more complaints, wailing and tales of miserable woes of how life has changed for Greeks in the past few years. Though they are […]

CSR in France

My visit to France this year was a part of the ELMBA course (GBE 790). We were looking forward to this trip with great enthusiasm, and started our background work on France at least a month before our trip. We were a group of 60 students, including first- and second-year students, divided into two groups. […]

It’s not you. It’s me.

“Dear Vistaprint, It’s not you. It’s me.” I ended 2014 by handing in my letter of resignation. After five and a half years, it was time for me to say goodbye. Yes, to a job I loved, at a company that is awesome, with coworkers who became friends. One thing I wasn’t expecting to learn while […]

Elevator Action

Opa! The BMBA class finally made it to Greece for our second field-based experience, and we are already in the thick of discussions about Greece’s economic crisis and how the country is working its way back toward economic prosperity. We first spoke with Enterprise Greece, an agency of the Greek government specializing in attracting investment […]

To happy endings and new beginnings!

I can’t believe how quickly four months went by. In September, I was a freshly enrolled grad student. In October, I was trying to balance a mountain of assignments, the coming midterms and a burgeoning social life. In November, I was recuperating after midterms and looking forward to my first Thanksgiving in America. And, by December,  I […]