Open Offices: Yay or Nay?

I stumbled upon an article in Forbes about open office concepts. If you work like me, you cannot bear to hear the person in the cube next to you talking loudly on the phone, or munching on their snacks throughout the day. I am a no-noise worker — it needs to be completely silent for […]

Who doesn’t get nervous during an interview?

I am one of those nervous types of people, so really anything makes me nervous. But interviews — it’s like I need a sedative. I once had an interview where I was so nervous that I completely blanked on my current company name. Way to go, Amanda! I can understand why I didn’t get the […]

Are real-life experiences more important than education?

I came across this article and realized that most of the qualities I have learned come from first-hand experiences. Now don’t get me wrong, I believe higher education is necessary to succeed in the business world, but think about how many useless classes you took that made you learn just “stuff.” Realistically, higher education allows you […]

It’s already August?

What a busy summer it has been! I received a new position in my company, I completed a six-week course, and my sister got married! I can’t believe summer has flown by (I feel like I say this every year). First, I received a new position at Raytheon in early June. I am now a […]

Are companies doing the best they can do for a consumer?

For the past couple of weeks in our Leading Responsibly class, the topic of corporate social responsibility has played a huge role. Our class discussed ways in which each of our companies has placed an importance on social responsibility. Personally, I believe that companies should have some sort of quota of corporate responsibility that they […]

In a Nutshell

My name is Amanda Chauncy. I completed my Undergraduate degree at Salve Regina University in 2010. I majored in Marketing and minored in Info Systems Management and Business Administration. I started out in the Software Industry and realized that wasn’t for me. I transitioned to Raytheon in January 2011. I have been working there for the […]