Guten Tag Germany!

About a year ago, I had just returned from frolicking throughout London and Paris and, of course, spending some time in Germany for my GBE, also known as the “Global Business Experience.” Background: The Global Business Experience is one of the mandatory classes you take in the ELMBA program and it is awesome. It’s like […]

Interview Dressing Tips

Five Tips To Remember When Dressing For an Interview (I’m talking to you, ladies!) Now that finals are over, I’ve started interviewing for some spring internships and figured now is a great time to share some of my tips with you all! Whether its an interview for an internship, full-time job or graduate school, these […]

All Work And No Play Makes For A Dull MBA

Every fall semester the GSA (Graduate Student Association) holds their annual gala. Usually there is a theme, and this year it was The Roaring 20s…in other words GATSBY! Which was perfect timing seeing that the remake of The Great Gatsby came out this year – if you haven’t seen the film yet, you must. Visual […]