Call it braincycloning not brainstorming!

  Team Brute Force was determined to conquer its objectives at the challenge set out during the France study trip. I guess in the end we were all glad that we ran out out charts and white boards, coz our ideas never seemed to run out. Mix an Argentinean marketeer, an African-American fashion designer, a Greek social worker, a […]

Santa is already in town.. But Christmas is yet to arrive!!!

The Library Bell ringing louder with each passing day, wreaths lined up on every street corner, gifts flowing in from everywhere and the place is gleaming with festivities… This is my first Christmas away from home, and my first white Christmas ever. I thought I would be missing home and throwing tantrums over not being […]

Wearing the ‘Christopher Columbus’ hat

Hi guys, Time to EXPLORE, FAITHFUL READERS!!! I’ve been talking to you about the course and the school beyond my vocabulary until now. This is the time to strap my seat belt and explore Boston and areas around. With hundreds of icy snowy skating rinks/ skiing areas in the city at your disposal, it was […]

The End of a Theme and the Beginning a Journey…

Ahaa!!! We just finished up with the first theme of the course – Innovation. And what a roller coaster ride it has been. The last 3 months have taught me the root-to-tip of innovation in business. The way the theme was created has been highly experiential and innovative in itself. Real life examples and team […]

The Ghana Experience…

Feels like we just touched down at Ghana International airport! But… hey… its already been 3 days that we are here — the days seem to be running at supersonic speeds. The first 2 days have been phenomenal and a perfect mix of business learning and fun. We visited a few businesses that are trying […]

The Bentley MBA Orientation

Sometimes when you are in a new environment and everything around you seems to be happening for the first time, you still feel certain familiarities and closeness in people around you. The start of the Bentley MBA  with a bunch of people who are so diverse in geographies — 15 countries represented, speaking 21 different […]

Embarking on the Bentley MBA

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” – Tony Robbins   It was a longstanding dream and one of my deepest aspirations to append my life and career with an MBA degree. I have been working for five years in a career that has been fruitful and rewarding and I […]