Mission Completed: Graduation of the Bentley MBA2014!

The time of happiness and satisfaction is just right here: the commencement ceremony. I feel very excited and optimistic. After 11 months of productive and intensive work, I’ve successfully finished with an MBA degree with distinction! I’m grateful to all our professors who went through this great educational experience with us. I’m thankful to my […]

Business success through art

Do you think that MBA studies are only about crunching numbers? It may be true; however, my MBA experience was slightly different. One of my classes, Thinking about Thinking, was such an intriguing and exciting part of the program so that I would hardly believe that it can be in an MBA program. The majority […]

Greetings from Marseille, France!

Right now, our MBA team is in the midst of our final educational journey. We are in Marseille, France! This is a fabulous experience from both educational and aesthetic perspectives. The class is split into two teams, working on two different projects: France’s national railway company and an innovative solar-energy company. The idea is to […]

Economics and Law: Call me Modern

For a majority of students, studying economics and law sounds scary and full of difficult readings. For our MBA class, economics and law is transformed from stale rules and principles to something completely modern. I have learned through applying these studies that they can take the most interesting form. Our assignment was, in a group […]

Happy Chinese New Year!

Studying here at Bentley is not only about reading books and scientific journals, writing papers, and sleepless nights. It’s also about building relationships with your classmates. Our long-term success heavily depends on everyone around us. So far, Bentley MBA class 2014 has arrived back on campus refreshed and ready for the second semester. With all […]

Beam Me Up, Atlanta!

Hello to everybody from Atlanta! And Happy New Year! For Bentley MBA students, it’s time to build a business network in Atlanta, home to Coca-Cola, CNN, and other Fortune 500 companies. During this trip, our goal is to identify how companies, universities and professional organizations generate value for themselves and society. We are going to […]

Two Days Before Winter Break!

Two more days before winter break after six months of interesting and in-depth diving into the world of the Innovation and Value modules. In 2014, we are going to work on the “Environment” and “Leadership” modules of the curriculum. I’m eager to know what is waiting for us. We will take out second of three […]

New class, new excitement!

We started a new class in the Value module – Strategic Marketing. Thanksgiving break just got over and it’s not that easy to come back to the arduous assignments and 8 hours studying per day. But, the beginning of the course was very exciting. We have two interesting assignments to be done: individual and group. […]

The most exquisite party of Fall 2013!

Hey Bentley MBA blog readers! Time to share with you some tiny but interesting ways how we BMBA’s spend our valuable free time. I present to you . . . the Bentley Gala dinner, one of the annual special events organized by the Bentley Graduate Student Association. This is the biggest GSA party of the […]

Innovation Comes Alive in Accra

The first module of education — Innovation — has finished. Three months of intense classes ended up successfully in the field trip to Accra, Ghana. The organization of the program gives us the opportunity to use knowledge we receive in the module in a real international environment. Now, imagine that you are in the center […]