Greek Debt

With the BMBA class preparing for its second field-based experience to Athens, I recently ran across an article on, of all places, called “7 Ways My Modern Country Turned Into a Dystopia Overnight.” Written by Greek journalist Dimitra Nikolaidou, it was published a few days after our class spent a session talking about how and why Greece’s economy […]

‘Kick-Ass Women’

“This May, Governor Deval Patrick announced the Women in the Workplace Initiative to underscore the key role all working women play in business and the economic success of the commonwealth by growing the pipeline of women poised to fill high-level positions in both the public and private sectors, and examining policy steps the Commonwealth can take to […]

Falafels and Cold Meds

As the BMBA program progresses, I’ve found time now to stop and start looking at just what there is around me here in Waltham. As a newly transplanted Bostonian, adjusting to living here definitely has been a challenge. In case you don’t know, Boston is a large city. An old city. And a crazy city. […]


If you’re a child of the 1980s, you probably remember the computer game SimCity. In it, you get to play as a combination mayor/god, running a city as you see fit in order to simulate the effects that various policies, tax structures, and urban plans have on the denizens of your world. And let’s not […]

MassChallenge 2014

One of the softer benefits of moving to Boston for a MBA program (one that I should have realized much sooner, I might add) is the number of conferences, speakers and events you have access to on just about any topic. A lot of the seminars I would just read about or follow online when […]


Capping off the Innovation module and moving into Value (or the various kinds of value one can measure a company), 23 members of the class headed for a week long immersion in Austin, San Marcos, and San Antonio, Texas. Initially skeptical about the site location chosen, I was happy to see that it was chosen […]

“Good night Austin, Texas, wherever you are!”

The title of this post references what Frank Zappa tells the crowd after the song “Muffin Man” from his 1975 concert in Austin, Texas, as documented on the album Bongo Fury. Given Austin’s rich history of music and artistic culture, not to mention the city’s ethos of “Keep Austin Weird,” it’s only fitting that such […]

Attennntion! Economic Boot Camp

Drop and give me 20! Not quite, but still intense. These past two weeks have seen our BMBA class undergo some serious training in statistics, managerial accounting, financial statements, supply chain management, and several other economics-based topics. You know, the kind of stuff you figure you’d learn about in an MBA program. It’s all in […]

Winterizing Herbie

With fall in full swing now, the reds, golds, yellows, and other autumn colors are on vivid display, regaling us with the quintessential northeast experience. However, most of us have forgotten that winter approaches with a vengeance in these parts, and for the uninitiated/tropically inclined, winters here can be a brutal wake-up call. Driving in […]