Enhancing Creativity in Design

In MK758, Enhancing Creativity with Professor Andy Aylesworth, the term project this semester encouraged students to create a product that is new, useful and original. For my project, I created a series of seven watercolor paintings. After creating the paintings, I made digital improvements using Picasa, Google’s photo-editing tool. Below I have included some examples […]

The Four C’s of Marketing: An Original Video

For the class GR601,  Strategic IT Alignment, students were asked to create a three minute educational video, describing one important concept or content area learned during our education at Bentley. Please view my team’s video on the Four C’s of Marketing below: Big shout out to my fabulous and talented team members, Katelyn Goodwin, Gloria […]

Entrepreneurial Thinking: Interview with Rachael Lynsey Rubin

As an assignment for ES 600: Entrepreneurial Thinking with Professor Jeff Shuman, each student was asked to find a successful entrepreneur and interview him or her about several topics including the inspiration behind the business, the challenges and limitations each has overcome, and the creative process involved in developing a business strategy. I was fortunate […]

It’s election time in Falcon Nation!

Each Spring, the Bentley graduate community comes together to elect two dedicated and capable students to lead the GSA. The Graduate Student Association, affectionately referred to as the GSA, is an organization dedicated to unifying the Bentley graduate population in order to establish a valuable network, shape school policies, and nurture the personal and professional […]

Five Easy Ways to Access Your Creativity

As a business professional, you are often called upon to develop innovative and novel solutions to various challenges within the workplace. Some industries rely upon on this skill more than others, but regardless of your profession, creativity is an asset that will be instrumental in many situations. Each of us is born with a capacity […]

Five TED Talks Every MBA Student Should Watch Today

As MBA students, most of us have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, a deep yearning for information and new concepts for self betterment. I am always looking to absorb wisdom from the people I admire who have been there, done that, and are willing to transfer the knowledge and sagacity that they’ve gathered over the […]

Tie Bar Optional: The Executive Exchange 2013

This week Bentley Graduate students and 10 lucky Undergrads were invited to mix and mingle with execs from 30 top tier companies in the Boston area. Students had the opportunity to sit with one or two executives from each company and connect with them for twenty minute sessions.  During these sessions, the executives spoke to […]